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Selling your Hosting Clients?

We are a design firm focusing on quality client relations and customer service. We have been in business since 2002 and focus on happy long term clients. We host hundreds of clients across the United Staes. We are a multidisciplinary agency with designers, developers, writers, programmers, and online marketing specialists. We have a proven system for transferring clients without disruption or dissatisfaction.

We have purchased several hosting companies and successfully transitioned them. Some of our past sellers have sold because they are getting out of the business or no longer wish to manage hosting.

The value of your hosting accounts depends on client size, new business potential and what you currently charge per year. We work with you to develop a custom quote and can either negotiate a flat buy out fee or a percentage of sales into the future.

We are a great solution for anyone looking to transition. We would be happy to discuss your situation. Please call us at: 855.946.2773 X709 or email us at:

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